Best Online Casinos 2021

The best online casinos 2020 can be seen clearly at the bonus, the license and the game offer. But the casino app is also a decision as to whether it is a top online casino. Of course, the support must also be correct and how the online casino site is built. It's all but easy to filter out the best online casinos in 2021.

One of the oldest Internet casinos is the 888 Casino, which belongs to the 888 Holdings and has been on the market since 1997. Worldwide, the 888 Casino is one of the largest providers of gambling on the Internet, has now more than 25 million registered members and has its headquarters in Gibraltar.

Unethical behaviour towards players (for example, the undue denial of the payout of profits) and business partners

From the 15th The transitional solution will take effect until the entry into force of the new Treaty of Gambling State in July 2021. Until the state chancellors and chefinns agreed on a rough draft, the countries were in the ambivalent. Federal states such as Bremen and Lower Saxony longed for strict guidelines, while Schleswig-Holstein and Hesse wanted a liberalized market. Now the federal states have found a [...]

Transparency is the top priority for us. It is therefore all the more important that all of the online casinos that we have compared themselves must subject themselves to the same criteria.

Hardly any of this was on the way, several State Finance Ministries agreed to a working group to explore how the new offers will be taxed in the future. In the meantime, a first draft law has been created, the Süddeutscher Zeitung and NDR are available. The proposal provides for taxes of 5.3 percent for online poker games, as well as a "virtual machine tax" of eight percent on the use of vending machine games. The tax would be levied every single time the virtual reels turn, and therefore eight cents per euro. For more online casino games like Roulette, the design doesn't look like anything yet.

Why play in the online casino with real money?

When you re-register with a real online casino, you don't necessarily have to play directly for real money, because many of the online gambling providers also allow you to gamble for free. But the game in the online casino with real money offers you a lot of advantages, which is why you should consider using real money sooner or later.

Picture above: The excerpt shows a part of the more than 1000 casino games included casinos-LuckyDays. Here you can, for example, sort the slot machine offer by theme such as: My Adventure, Video Slots, Jackpot Games, Made in USA or by other genres.

The percentages given in the table relate to all operations and profits over a period of time. The odds of the individual casino games can be found in the respective tutorials that the online casinos offer. This is where the RTP percentage value is specified. The mathematical payout ratio is based on the respective game rules and payouts. The fact that this calculated mean value is also correct is demonstrated in the approval of the game by means of many millions of simulated games. As a player, however, one should know that the personal short-term results may differ greatly from the top or bottom due to the variance.

It should be noted that the specified RTP of the individual games is theoretical values. They refer to an optimal game (for example, in blackjack) and to many millions of game rounds with random results at the slot machines. On the other hand, the actual total payouts of an online casino fluctuate monthly, depending on how the games went out in reality. In order to comply with the requirements of the gambling authorities, serious online casinos have to regularly check the actual payout rates independently. The comparison between the theoretical and real payout rates also makes it possible to determine whether the random number generator is properly and reliably serving its service. The online casino test laboratories have been commissioned by the regulatory authorities such as the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority). You can find more information about the test laboratories that each casino is monitoring online.

Live Chat Live Chat is the most popular contact option for both users and casinos. Here questions can be answered quickly, on the spot and efficiently.


In Switzerland, a law exists since 1 July 2019, which allows online casinos only with additional licenses. This also applies to providers from abroad. Thus, the offer of legal online casinos has decreased significantly in Switzerland. At present, only a handful of legal online casinos exist in Switzerland. The list of licensed licensing organisations comprises: the Swiss Gambling Authority (ESBK), the Malta Gaming Authority, The New US Gambling Authority, Swedish, Spelin Inspections, UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Remote Gambling Commission.

In online casinos, you will find a selection of games that a land-based casino can never offer you. Also, of course, the convenience factor is added, because you can access all the games from home. Thus it is possible to play only once for 10 minutes in between. Online casinos are thus much more practical.

In addition, it has recently been only allowed for a player to charge a maximum of ten euros on his automaton account. More than ten euros simply does not go. However, if a player achieves a gain, for example of 100 € and he has spent once 1 € and thus still 9 € in the account, then he has through the profit 109 € on his automaton account.

? What's all there for Casino Games

In good online casinos there are significantly more games than one knows from a casino or a game library. In addition to the usual vending machines and table games, there are also all kinds of small lottery games or other instant prize games such as scratch-free games. In the section Casinospiele you will find more information about the game selection.

The gambling licence of the MGA from MaltaThe gambling licence from CuracaoThe gambling licence of the Gambling Commission from England.

Travel is also offered. Although they are not so often in the game banks ' programme, they are sometimes also being envisaged. These offers show that the game banks are very much invaded in order to inspire new players for themselves, but also to satisfy already registered players.